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Here’s the 5 Things of What to Do When in Bali

Here’s the 5 Things of What to Do When in Bali

Tegenungan Waterfall with Bali love sign - Best Places to Visit in Bali with Family - Travelfaring.com

#1 Tegenungan Waterfall

One of the gems in Bali located in the town of Ubud, Tegenungan Waterfall is truly a place to visit beyond Bali beaches.


This waterfall is set in a lush tropical jungle that will transport you into another world from the moment you step into the wonder of this special place!


From the moment you gaze from a local restaurant down into the picture perfect waterfall that sets itself amidst the jungle, you will understand why it is gem that’s worth your visit. It gets even better as you start down the well-worth-it walk down a couple of hundred stairs and set your feet into the relaxing waterfall. Although it can get crowded at times, you will undoubtedly get to experience something that’s beyond words and worthy of the unique Bali experience.


Pro Tip: Go there early in the morning to avoid crowds. It opens at around 6.30 am.


Things to Try  or Look out for While You’re Here


  • Bali Coffee at a nearby coffee shop (before or after you have visited the waterfall)
  • Buy your hats, t-shirts or souvenirs at one of the local shops
  • Sit down and relax in one of the cafes or local restaurants that overlooks the waterfall
  • If you have time, spend a night in the area there. This is so that you can enjoy the most relaxing times in the waterfall and the surrounding lush greeneries!
  • Take a dip in the waterfall (see the video!)
  • Take photos with funny signs for your social media posts!
  • Go on the giant swings (up to 2 people at a time) nearby!
  • Smile and chat with locals – Balinese locals are super friendly!
Bali Safari Elephant Show Entrance - Best Places to Visit in Bali with Family - Travelfaring.com

#2 Bali Safari

Bali Safari is an unexpected surprise in a city that’s known for its beaches and natural wonders.


Located in the east coast of Bali, it is truly a great place for anyone, from singles to couples to friends to families, to go and enjoy such a unique safari experience. I’d say: “don’t miss it!”


This place is filled with hidden activities and gems that you can definitely spend your whole day engaging, experiencing, seeing, riding and enjoying. Here are some examples that you might have seen in our video: 

    • Bali Safari Elephant show: journey through the entertaining and educational experiences of different elements of the shows through its history and how elephants live together with Balinese people.
    • Bali Safari Tiger show: you will get to experience one-of-a-kind stories and facts about tigers and the Balinese culture and people in this show.
    • The Safari journey: this ride left my family and I quite surprised at the amazing and unique animals that the safari has, such as a pig deer (honestly, I didn’t even know there is such a thing – see the video to see what a pig deer looks like.)


  • Bali Theatre: this is probably the most surprising part of the bali safari experience in that (1) there is a theatre performance available and (2) the fact that the actual performance is, I’d say, surprisingly world-class quality. The theatre tells a story and history of Bali. 
  • Although we were not encouraged to take video footage (and was a bit bummed at first), we now know how great this live theatre performance was that I believe video footage would not be sufficient to illustrate its awesomeness – in other words, everyone should just go and watch it in-person rather than watching it on videos. Let us just say that every single scene has been deeply invested in the props and stage sets that we were awed by it!
  • Animal feeding: this is a fun part of the safari experience, especially for kids and/or adults (who loves animals), since you can get up close and feed the animals, such as goats and rabbits!



A quick note about our Bali Safari experience: because when we visited the safari, the marine park was under construction, we would definitely go back again to explore more of what this place has to offer in the coming years.


Pro Tip: see Bali theatre inside the safari – it’s truly a unique and worthwhile experience; the whole performance was surprisingly not talked about enough.


Things to Try  or Look out for While You’re Here


  • Reach the Bali Safari before 10 am for all the animal shows available.
  • Use the scheduled show timings on the Safari brochures (given after buying/collecting the tickets at the counter) to help direct your full experiences at Safari. Trust us, it is worth it.
  • While there is a huge food hall in the Safari, I’d bring a few snacks along so you can munch on them while watching shows etc.
  • Don’t miss the Bali theatre experience and be blown away by the quality of the performances that they put up for visitors!
  • Pay a visit to the “petting zoo” part of the safari for the cuddly and cute animals.
Tegalalang Rice Terrace - Best Places to Visit in Bali with Family - Travelfaring.com

#3 Tegalalang Rice Terrace

If you have watched many Bali YouTube videos, you may have encountered the green layers of rice terraces arrayed in their lush, tropical setting. This is none other than the Tegalalang Rice Terrace!


This is one of the places that you do not want to miss if you intend to “get away” and experience “slow life” in the midst of endless sights of green rice paddies and the calming sounds of the nature that God has created here – truly one of a kind experience.


Apart from watching the rice terrace from afar, we’d recommend for you to get up close and set your feet on the rice terraces! The way to go about this is to find yourself a nice restaurant near one area of the rice terrace and have a cup of coffee/tea or have some lunch there. Then, the fun part begins when you find your way to walk along the terraces and be immersed in all that the beautiful place has to offer!


Things to Try  or Look out for While You’re Here


  • For those adventure junkies, you can go and try out the zip line, huge jungle swings and/or cycle on the zip line! Yep, I said cycle!
  • Wear comfortable clothes that are slightly shorter in length for “dirt-free-on-your-clothes” experience when walking along the terrace.
  • Sit or stand in awe amongst the terrace as you close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Do find a restaurant along one part of the terrace as it will give you a much better experience away from the crowds.
  • Eat local Balinese foods there for lunch – it’s quite good!
  • Go there early in the morning or right before lunch to avoid huge crowds. Find yourself a seat, have a sip and start exploring! By the time you’re back, you can order yourself a nice lunch as you start to see the crowds coming in.
  • Find a mate to help you take those social media worthy photos or for memories.
Uluwatu Temple Ocean - Best Places to Visit in Bali with Family - Travelfaring.com

#4 Uluwatu Temple

Believe it or not, this is the Balinese Hindu temple located by the ocean! Located in the south of Bali, you can either take a Grab, Gojek or, even better, hire a private driver in Bali to take you around there. (Confession: We actually drove in Bali, but it’s not recommended for those who don’t have a lot of experiences driving in Southeast Asia)


Since Uluwatu temple is open from 7 am and closes at 7 pm, our experiences tell us that mornings and early afternoon crowds are less in numbers, while it gets more crowded from around 4 pm onwards since many tourists are waiting for the 6 pm traditional Kecak dance.


Inside the temple, you will be able to spend a good hour of walking around the areas, taking photos and reminisce in the beauty of the endless horizon of the oceanfront as you walk next to the walls of the temple.


Things to Try  or Look out for While You’re Here


  • Go there in the late afternoon (4.00 pm onwards) to enjoy the walkarounds and in time to buy a ticket for the 6 pm traditional Kecak dance atop the hillside by the ocean!
  • While the monkeys look cute, be extra careful when you’re holding things and going into the parked car. The monkeys are fast (snatchers). (Real story: my mom’s sunglasses were stolen and she didn’t even realize it in the first 10 seconds. Of course, we didn’t get it back, but that monkey had a lot of fun with it for a few minutes.)
  • Before entering the temple, you may be asked to wear a traditional purple cloth (sarong) around your waist, especially if you’re wearing short clothes, such as shorts, skirts, dresses etc.
  • There are quite a few market stalls right outside of the vicinity of the temple itself (near the car park), so if you’re hungry or thirsty after the tour of the temple, there are foods and drinks available for you to purchase – even coconuts! 
Tanah Lot Sea Temple on the Beach - Best Places to Visit in Bali with Family - Travelfaring.com

#5: Tanah Lot

This place is known for its beautiful temple that’s located on oceanfront! Situated on a rock formation, this is another well-known spot for photographers and amongst those who also visit Uluwatu temple for the same vibe, as they are both situated right by the seas.


Although smaller in size than Uluwatu temple, you can just go there to chill out, take more photos and get away from the crowds by the beautiful ocean.


Upon entering the temple, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful  gate that looks like it’s left untouched from the 10th century. (See our video to see what we mean)


This place will take your breath away as you walk in to discover 2 distinct locations of the temples by the ocean:

  1. The first and main place is located inside the double-sided gate as you inside the precinct and walk along the hilltop overlooking the ocean. Here, there are actually 2 sections: the right side and the left side overlooking the ocean!
  2. The other place is the one that’s on the beach: you will discover this part temple when you walk towards the left side of the main temple and look over from the hilltop. Here you will see the temple in the midst of the ocean from afar! 

Beachwalk shopping center Bali - Travelfaring.com

Bonus: Malls in Bali

Now that you’ve enjoyed Bali nature, safari and landmarks with minimarts in between (I’m sure), there will definitely be times in Bali when you want to go back to get a glimpse and enjoy the modern world’s comfort: malls! 


Fair enough. 


Bali has quite a few malls that will definitely meet your needs and wants – from shopping to buying groceries to having nice meals with your loved ones! 


Here are the 2 Malls we would recommend to check out:


    • Beachwalk shopping centre: Google search describes this mall as “chic open-air mall” for good reasons because this is definitely a stylish mall and it’s next to Kuta beach! Say what? Yep, it’s a mall next to the beach! Apart from its vibe, the mall actually has lots of options for most of your needs – from international chain stores and restaurants to local stores and foods to the food court to places to chill out to “third places” for coffee/tea to grocery store!  


  • The Bali Collection: if beachwalk shopping centre is a chic open-air mall, Bali collection is a luxury and really open-air mall. No doubt in its luxury because it’s situated in the southern part of Bali where many 5-star hotels are. And it’s really open-air because you will walk under the open sky through this mall and you will feel the occasional air conditioning as you walk into each individual store and restaurant. Here, there are lots of restaurants for lunch and dinner (try both, as the experiences are different) as well as lots of fashion, local balinese products and food stores here.



Things to Try  or Look out for While You’re Here


Beachwalk Shopping Center

  • There’s a luggage storage service located on level 3 in case you’re flying right after the visit to a mall.
  • Try the high-quality local Balinese foods at Mr. Wayan, By the Sea. Why? The food is delicious and the view of Kuta beach and the ocean is AMAZING!
  • If you’re into bubble tea or want to try one, try Chatime there, especially taro milk tea.
  • For coffee, try the Expat Roasters Beachwalk.
  • Get groceries from Foodmart Gourmet (opens 10 am to 12 am)


Bali Collection

  • Walk around the entire compound of the Bali Collection – it extends beyond the restaurant section of the Bali Collection.
  • Chill out at the Starbucks there – quite a unique Starbucks experience.
  • Try the local Balinese food at Raja Bali restaurant.
  • For International cuisines, opt for the Coco Bistro Restaurant!
  • While you can buy some local Balinese products there, you can get much cheaper souvenirs elsewhere.

Share Your Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed what’s been shared in this post.

Do you have any other underrated places in Singapore that will bring you closer to nature? We’d love to hear from you! 

Comment below!

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