A Gan Guo Kui at Funan Mall in Singapore

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Hot & Crispy Flatbread with Fillings

Have you had A Gan Guo Kui crispy, toasted flatbread with fillings before? 

If you’re keen, you can find it at Funan mall @ level B2!

By the way, I wrote another detailed post about the newly renovated Funan Mall itself here. But if you haven’t been here before, the closest MRT train in Singapore to Funan Mall (recently opened in 2019) is the City Hall MRT station at Exit B + 300 meters of walking = you’re in front of Funan Mall!

Once you come inside, you’ll be on level 1. 

This means that you need to go down 2 levels to B2 to get a taste of the A Gan Guo Kui toasted flatbread!

Funan Mall Food Hall - Travelfaring.com

A Gan Guo Kui

A Gan Guo Kui is actually situated inside the Food Hall @ level B2 of Funan Mall Singapore (pictured above here).

Let’s take a closer look at how it’s made in this post!

Funan Mall Food hall 1 - Travelfaring.com

What the Heck is That?

As you look at the chef in the monitor holding a basket full of something that’s clearly made of some type of kneaded flour (accompanied by the right-hand screen), you’re probably like me and wonder:

“What the heck is that?”

It’s the A Gan Guo Kui’s thin flatbread with fillings in them.

Filling options: savory or dessert fillings

How do they make them?

They knead the bread, fill in the fillings, and toast the bread inside one of the 3 ovens you see behind the small red-tinted windows.

Funan Mall Agan Guoki making - Travelfaring.com

I’m always curious about how things work, and even a flatbread here are the steps in photos.

Step 1: The Knead

Knead the bread and put in the fillings.

Every single one of the flatbreads is handmade!

Funan Mall Agan Guoki putting in oven - Travelfaring.com

Step 2: Get Ready ready to Toast

Walk over from the kneading and prep station to the oven and get the bread ready in one of your hands; getting it ready to put it inside the oven.

Funan Mall Agan Guoki oven - Travelfaring.com

Step 3: Extend to Toast

Take a deep breath and embrace the oven (and yourself) as you extend one of your arms inside the oven to place the bread on the inside of the oven’s wall to start the cooking process!

Funan Mall Agan Guoki in oven - Travelfaring.com

Step 4: Toasting in the Wall

Now it’s inside the oven wall. 

Ok, I’m sorry it’s a bit blurry but that was a rush shot because there were so many FOMO people, including myself, crowding to watch the cooking process.

(But at least I was the first FOMO person to start watching them at that time before the crowd la ha)

Funan Mall Agan Guoki pancake - Travelfaring.com

Step 5: Crispy and Ready

Because the mall is so high tech, the hot and crispy flatbread magically appears on the basket, delivering itself from the oven.

Nah, I’m just kidding. But wouldn’t that be cool?

Anyway, it was actually the guy with the tong that took it out of the oven and put it inside the basket to call your appetite, which says “EAT ME NOW WHILE I’M NICE AND CRISPY BEFORE I GET COLD”

Funan Mall Agan Guoki tasting - Travelfaring.com

Step 6: Eat

Eat it.

Yep, I fell for it. That flatbread spoke to me and I bought it.

Funan Mall Agan Guoki price - Travelfaring.com

Step 7: Worth is in the Journey

Think about how worth it was to pay SGD$3.30 for the flatbread experience.


Super worth it because I took a 5-step journey with that flatbread from A Gan Guo Kui.

Isn’t it all about the journey as much as the destination in whatever you do anyways? 

Wrap Up

The flatbread at A Gan Guo Kui is definitely a unique experience that will allow for a few more opportunities to come back for the seconds and thirds because of the different fillings they have to offer.

Plus, if you share that $3.30 with your loved one(s), it’s very affordable.

Beyond that is the experience you get – to see how they make the bread before you actually eat one.

The proof is in the experiencing.

Share Your Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed what’s been shared in this post.

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