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First of all, welcome and thank you for visiting us to know more about who we are.

At Travel Faring, we really hope that as you enjoy what we have written & shared in this website (sincerely from ours hearts), you can actually use the info and tips we share on our contents (click to discover) in your travel planning, itineraries and more!

TravelFaring believes in what our name entails:

A Journey (faring) to discover comes after our travel embarks.

Even though our travel style is more of the next gen travelers, we’re proudly a Christian travel blog as we believe in:

  1. Embracing the privilege and consider it a blessing to be able to embark on each journey in each of the destinations
  2. Experiencing the world’s wonders that God has created and also share these experiences from our hearts.

We’re curious about discovering travel experiences from unique voices of people, places, and perspectives.

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In the ever-changing world and ways of traveling, our mission is to be a catalyst platform for next-generation travel lovers to experience the fullest enjoyment of traveling independently, informed, in the know, in comfort, and in style. And then? Share the love with other travel lovers and repeat.

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