Discover Funan Mall in Singapore near MRT train

Funan Mall City Hall MRT -

Funan Mall Singapore MRT Station

Are you looking for the Funan Mall Singapore MRT station?

The closest MRT train in Singapore to Funan Mall (recently opened in 2019) is the City Hall MRT station at Exit B. 

Once you come up the escalator from Exit B to the street level, you will want to turn left and walk for around 300 meters. Then, you will see Funan Mall (pictured above) across the street at the corner!

I’ve included the Google Maps route here for you!

Just in case you miss the other side of Funan Mall, the building is quite nice to look it from the other side of the entrance. See photo below!

Funan Mall Fort Canning Park -

Funan Mall from the Beginning

Now that you’re at Funan in pictures, let’s talk a little about this Funan Mall in Singapore because this Funan mall did not always look like this. It’s been changed 3 times before this (From Funan Center (1985) to Funan IT Mall (1997) to Funan DigitaLife Mall (2005)).

Funan mall’s 4th relaunch in 2019 has been in the making for the last 3 years by the Capitaland Malls, and its relaunch has been nothing short of major news around Singapore!

More than that, I, as a consumer and resident in Singapore, would like to also e-clap (electronically clap) my hands and show my appreciation to the builders of Funan Mall: for how much thoughts and innovations have been put into this mall. I am actually very impressed and went to this mall about 3 times in 1 week after my first visit.

Why? Here are the 7 exciting and innovative things that I also learned from Capitaland’s launch of this mall: Funan Mall Singapore MRT Cityhall train station:

  1. It’s the first Singapore mall with an urban farm that is open to the public (on Level 7).
  2. The very first mall in Singapore to have fully unmanned futsal facility (also on Level 7).
  3.  The first theatre in a Singapore mall that is designed, managed and programmed by a theatre group. 
  4.  Latest facial recognition for entrance into the attached office tower
  5. Using the CapitaStar app to book parking slots in advanced (and guided by video-based smart parking system) or using the Bike Hub’s shower rooms!
  6. New in-store experiences with IoT-based interactive experiences at Courts electronics store
  7. Self-ordering kiosk at their newest KOPItech food court (I’ve been a long-time customer of Kopitiam, but Kopitech is something else and I love it!)
Funan Mall Singapore inside -


Once I stepped my feet inside Funan Mall, I was like:

“Welcome to the millennial age, yall #FUNANSG”.

(I have yet to post that on social media since I was so focused on being immersed in this newly renovated mall for our readers!)

When I said I wanted to electronically clap my hands before, now I am really clapping my hands for their thinking to make it resonate with the # generation.

Jokes aside, you can also see a lot of interesting stuff going on in just one picture in this mall right when you enter it:

  • Climb Central for rock climbing enthusiasts, amateurs and those who want to learn
  • Bike path in red (almost like a painted red carpet) on the right-hand side there.
  • A mix of the coffee store (that sits right in the middle of the mall), new concept stores, Singapore-born stores etc.
Funan Mall inside Singapore -

Funan Mall Singapore near MRT – New Concepts

And as you walk to the other side of the mall and now that you’re facing the entrance, you can see a few more interesting things going on:

  • A giant electronic display (on the top right of this photo) letting patrons know of the latest and best offers around the mall
  • Rock Climbing wall that entices you to look at (and perhaps one day you will try)
  • Pop-Up Stores (middle top of the photo) that the mall allows a lot of Singapore-based shops to test out their brands and ideas. At the time of writing, there were quite a few fashions and jewelry shops.  
  • Cooking school by ABC Studio (on the far left with wooden feel there) that you can barely see, but the open-concept store really entices you in to see what people have been cooking up in there in different stations.
Funan Mall free seating area -

Spacious, Trendy & Functional

A little walk further on level 2 and I saw a different perspective of Funan Mall, which is spacious, trendy and functional at the same time.

Specifically, here’s a few more things I noticed about Funan Mall:

  • A seating x stairs structure that looks like you’re sitting on a hill looking downwards on a slope.
  • An indoor bike path that runs through to the outside path around the Funan Mall
  • Bubble tea store: 1960s/70s Volkswagen Bus turned into a new concept Bubble team store called “Milksha”. 
  • Stationery Store: Clean and Minimalist design stationery store that has really different stationery products from Europe and Japan: “THINK”. I actually bought an ink pen from there recently, and was impressed by this Japanese man’s care and attention to help me understand what I was buying into and how to take care of it.
Funan Mall Singapore Inside the mall -

Concept & Branded Stores with Coffee Shop

Because I was buying stationery at “THINK” and had a taste of the bubble tea at Milksha, this is the photo after those 2 events, which captures:

  • A few new concept stores mixed with well-known brands
  • The unique coffee shop situated in the middle of the mall (which I was walking about before) that is always crowded.
  • Self-guided kiosks of the Funan Mall (you might need it if it’s your first time here or your friend wants to meet you here in a specific restaurant or store.
Funan Mall Indoor Bike path -

Funan Mall’s very own Indoor Bike Path

Next to the unique coffee shop, there’s something different I noticed on the floor here in red.

It’s the bike path!

If you have always wanted to ride a bike through a mall in Singapore at no more than 10km / hour, then bike to Funan Mall between 7 am – 10 am!

Funan Mall outside bike path -

Bike Path outside of Funan Mall

And as you bike through that indoor bike path before 10 am, you will eventually come out of the mall to see this outdoor bike path that wraps itself around the structure of the mall. 

Then you can park your bikes here!

Funan Mall Coffee Shop -

PPP Coffee

Ok, now we’re back to the coffee again, but this time it’s the PPP Coffee.

Let’s talk a little about this because this place really caught my eyes. 

If you’ve been in Singapore long enough, you might have heard of Papa Palheta. Actually I have had first-hand experiences drinking their coffees for the last half a decade since being in Singapore! Personally, I think they are one of the best at what they do: coffee.

Well, after 10 years, this is perhaps a very exciting embarkment on their rebranding as PPP, as they feature some of the most unique and exceptional coffee offerings alongside their food offerings as well.

Funan Mall Milksha Trufflelicious -
Funan Mall Trufflelicious Milksha-

Classic Volkswagen-Inspired Decored Eateries

After you sip the coffee at PPP coffee, you can make a short walk back towards the Milksha buttle tea store (yellow Volkswagen bus) and see what’s happening on the red Volkswagen bus there.

That red VW bus is actually a small food truck inside Funan Mall called Trufflelicious.

You guessed it – they make (almost) everything with truffle, but at affordable prices (~$10+)!

They do have bowl meals (Donburi), side snacks and drinks as well. All, except drinks (of course), are with truffle.

You can go and try it yourself!

Funan Mall Saap Saap Thai -
Funan Mall Carl's Jr. -
Funan Mall Flavours Saute -

Level B1 at Funan Mall Singaopre

Now you have enjoyed experiencing some of the foods and stores on level 2 of Funan Mall:

  • Milksha
  • Trufflelicious
  • PPP Coffee
  • The Oyster Bank (the other side of 2nd floor; not pictured here)
  • THINK stationery store, and
  • there are actually a few pop-up fashions and Singapore-born fashion stores on level 2 (not pictured) as well)

But after walking on level 2, you’re still wondering: “where are the other restaurants in Funan mall?”

Well, let’s head down to B1 and B2, where many of the food spots are in Funan Mall.

On B1 alone, you get both western and eastern influences – from fast food to Thai to Korean to Japanese:

  • Saap Saap Thai (Halal Thai food with Boat noddles as their signature dish)
  • Carl’s Jr (Chargrilled burgers)
  • Flavours by Saute (Vegetarian food)
  • Afuri (Ramen that has Yuzu as their special ingredient) – this place was always packed with long queues.
  • Ajumma’s (Korean food; made fresh daily)
Funan Mall Kopi Tech -

Level B2 at Funan Mall Singapore + KOPItech

Now let’s go down to B2 where the rock climbers start their journey to the top and where you can find some more interesting restaurants and shops.

Most of all, I wanted to introduce you to KOPItech!

This is another surprise for me because if you have been to Singapore, you know that one of the well-known hawker centers is “Kopitiam”. 

But I think they really wanted to rebrand themselves as part of their revamping of the entire dining experiences that infuses technology with it – hence, KOPItech.

Funan Mall Kopi Tech machines -

As Kopitiam has now embraced technology, these 2 machines mark the beginning of what we may see more of KOPItech in the future because, with these 2 machines, you can now scan and buy your drinks.

Funan Mall Kopi Tech ordering -

Buying from KOPItech machines

This photo is from my first-hand experience trying to test their KOPItech buying my coke zero for the meal.

You can see on the right hand side that they accept all types of payments:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit card
  3. NETS
  4.  Creatanium wallet (virtual wallet that holds digital currencies, which can be used to pay at KOPItech here)
  5. GrabPay
  6. Kopitiam card (ok, they haven’t renamed it to KOPItech card, which means you can still use your old Kopitiam card for 10% off!)
Funan Mall Food Hall -

Food Hall @ Level B2 

On the other side of level B2, you will find the Food Hall with many more interesting food options.

One particularly peculiar and interesting option that caught my eyes was this flatbread that’s stuffed with different fillings and twice the size of my hand: from A Gan Guo Kui at Funan Mall in Singapore.

Let’s take a closer look at it in this post of this simple snack, yet interesting to watch the making of it!

Funan Mall escalators -

Wrap Up

And I wanted to this post about Funan Mall in Singapore with this last photo because I’ve learned over the years in my travels that sometimes the changes in perspectives may be as easy as a simple act.

In this case, the simple act of looking up helped me to realize that Funan Mall is more than just a mall that has embraced the new culture and technology. The builders understood how to use technology as a tool to help humans enjoy and make sense of ordinary questions in a beautiful way, like: “how many levels are there in this mall?” Well, 2, 3, and 4. And Wild Rice. Which is not a restaurant, by the way.

Share Your Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed what’s been shared in this post.

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