Present for Someone Going on Holiday (The Top 5 Gift Ideas under $40)

Are you thinking about a present for someone going on a holiday or vacation? 

Speaking for myself and for that someone you’re buying this present/gift for, here are my very own recommendations of 5 great gift ideas that I believe that someone will appreciate when they receive them from you before going on the holiday! 

I know this because these ideas will help them travel comfortably, whether they are packing things up for the trip or even when they are on the plane! 

Caveat: All of the ideas here are either products I have personally used or have had first-hand experiences with – that’s why I only included 5 ideas in here and not 20 or 30 ideas (which I have seen online where the objective is trying to sell you stuff that may not even work well in the first place).

So, let’s jump straight into the details of each of these items.

Idea #1: Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack 40L

With so many things that a holiday traveler might bring onboard, such as electronics and spare clothes, it can be a little tricky to pack things together! 

If I’m that someone you’re buying this backpack for, I’d enjoy it!

This Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack is part of the Travel Lite series of this company’s backpack (and enhanced from 2018 edition), which is durable, versatile and stylish


I mean it’s got quite a few things that I like about this backpack:

Front Organizer Compartment     Middle Organizer CompartmentRoomy Main Compartment     Multiple Carrying Options

  • Keep things organised with 3 Compartments: Front, Middle and Main organizer compartments
  • Water bottle holder on the side (with zipped side pocket)
  • Transition from Backpack to carry-on bag easily: shoulder straps that can be hidden away and a handle on the side of the bag
  • Extra Straps: Included are both chest straps and waist straps
  • Carry-On: Fits on the overhead airplane’s cabin baggage compartment

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Idea #2: Bagail 6-Set Travel Packing Cubes (Available in 11 Colors)

If your friend has a problem keeping his/her travel items organized, travel packing cubes will definitely be your friend’s favorite companion. 

To be honest, I used to have a problem arranging my suitcase quite a lot because my stuff used to be everywhere. Quite frankly, I didn’t care much. Not until I lost some of the stuff just because I didn’t keep them properly.

Since then, I did a bit of search online and spoke to my other frequently traveled friends, who told me about these Bagail 6 Set Travel Packing Cubes. Since then, my travels have never been the same again. Now, my stuff is organized and not lost! Woohoo!

So I hope that your friend will also enjoy the travel packing cubes.


packing cubes in luggage       packing cubes bagail

  • A high-grade nylon fabric interior for strength and durability, so this item has the strength to go the entire distance with no broken zippers or weak stitchings.
  • They feature a mesh top panel for easy classification and identification of contents.
  • Comes in a six-piece set convenient for keeping all your items organized and tidy.
  • Easily fit into your travel backpack or duffle bag. That way, you get to avoid overhead luggage charged at the airport.
  • Comes in different sizes suitable for particular packing purposes and also saves on space.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty 

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Idea #3: Purefly Inflatable Neck Support Travel Pillow

It’s no doubt that a traveler will definitely catch some quick naps or even sleep while traveling, either on a plane or during waiting periods as well. 

So, to help your someone avoid neck pains, I’d recommend this inflatable pillow, which:

  • Is scientifically designed to give you SPA-like comfort
  • has an innovative design that keeps your neck properly aligned and supported for utmost comfort while traveling. 
  • Is super easy to use: inflating and deflating this high-end travel pillow is super easy. Just a single press on an inbuilt low-profile button is all it takes to inflate. You won’t have to blow into it!! Say what? You heard it!
  • To deflate, just press on the release valve and your pillow will collapse in seconds. This pillow is lightweight and fits nicely in your travel backpack. First-class doesn’t get any better than this.


travel pillow

  • Lightweight and versatile travel companion keeps your neck supported for a comfortable travel experience.
  • Comes with a free packsack for keeping your little wonder at the end of your journey.
  • Its micro-velvet fabric is easily removable and washable. The material is ultra-soft for unmatched comfort while traveling.
  • Innovative design ensures proper neck alignment for unparalleled comfort.
  • Easy-press rapid inflation technique gets your pillow full and ready at a press of a button.
  • Quickly deflates at a press of a low profile built-in push button.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

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Idea #4: Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle with Leakproof Twist Cap (Available in 8 Colors)

When your friend, family or that someone is traveling on a holiday, staying hydrated is super important. Not just that, but all travelers, including myself (lol), want to travel in style, so I chose the Nomader collapsible water bottle. Honestly, it’s truly a versatile and collapsible travel water bottle that I have enjoyed using, so I wanted someone who you’re buying this to feel the same!


  • The materials used to make Nomader travel water bottle are certified food-grade materials that won’t leach and contaminate your drinking water.
  • A leakproof travel water bottle with a patented twist cap doubling as a hygienic mouthpiece cover. 
  • Features a patented twist cap that eliminates spills even when traveling on rough roads.
  • Features a high-grade, flexible, shatterproof silicone body for durability and strength.
  • Wide mouthed-design makes it easy to clean and refill.
  • The cover also doubles as a hygienic spout cover that protects the mouthpiece from contaminants.
  • This collapsible water bottle is portable, sturdy, and easily rolls up into a loop around your wrist. 
  • It is dishwasher-safe and freezable.
  • It has a shatterproof silicone body for strength and durability. 

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Idea #5. SunlimeWare International Power Plug Travel Adapter (Available in 3 Colors)

This is a great gift for any traveler on a holiday without a question because any traveler not have to be worried about carrying multiple plugs to suit the plugs of multiple countries. Travelers will only need this International Power plug travel adapter and be rest assured that they will be able to charge their electronics!

Make no mistake like I did. Your standard smartphone charger might not work in your friend’s or family’s holiday destination. Just be smart and have SunlimeWare travel adapter with you!


Power plug adapter 110 220 volt

  • 4 in 1 different power plugs work in 150+ countries around the globe.
  • International power plug adapters support different power ratings thus can be used to charge your devices whenever you travel abroad. 
  • It supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices. Your smartphone, tablet, camera, and iPad can all be juiced up at the same time.
  • It comes in 4 different types suitable for use in different countries. They include Type I, Type G, Type A, and Types C.
  • It supports Pin Sink Locking mechanism for secure plugin and charging of devices. You won’t have to press the pin sinks anymore.
  • Supports rapid charging of devices

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Wrap Up

I hope you got to enjoy the 5 gift ideas to help you get a present for someone going on holiday!  

And please help us to wish that person who you’re buying the gifts for a sincerely safe and enjoyable journey as well!

Enjoy the vacation!

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