8 Days of Things To Do in Switzerland In Winter For Non Skiers


In this post, I’ll be sharing some awesome itineraries of things to do in Switzerland in Winter for Non-Skiers. Why? You can still enjoy what Switzerland has to offer in winter without going to ski! 

Since I’ve had the privilege to enjoy Switzerland in winter before, I wanted to highlight some of the awesome attractions and activities here.

My hope is that this itinerary guide will give you at least one massive value to help you plan your trip better and easier!

Switzerland in Winter for Non skiers

  • This is a guided itinerary with things to do in Switzerland based on a little over a week’s stay in Switzerland in March.
  • I have written it from the perspective of non-skiers, including activities, tips, etc.
  • A great starting point for a first-time visitor to Switzerland!

Did you know?

  • Switzerland in March is the end of winter and the beginning of the spring season?
  • When planning a trip to Switzerland in March and you’re a non-skier, you can enjoy quite a few winter activities in the snow, such as tobogganing, sledging, winter hikes (swiss hiking paths are well-groomed), as well as other activities not in the snow, such as Lake cruises, city tours, chilled cafes etc.
  • Traveling to Switzerland in March is also an opportunity for you to enjoy one-of-a-kind Swiss Carnivals (aka “Fasnacht”). Oh yes, one highlight you can expect in Fasnacht would be the street parades (see the video I took in Luzern here)) in various cities (Luzern, Zurich, Bern, Basel).

How to Get the Most out of This Post?

  • Use this post as a guide for you to plan your stay. That means that while you can follow it exactly, you also get ideas from it to help plan your trip better. 
  • This post is based on an 8-day stay in Switzerland during March, so feel free to switch itineraries around where it fits your schedule.
  • This post will take about 10 minutes to ready, so you can start scanning through the highlights of each day first if you want.

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Day 1 Fly into Zurich, Stay in Luzern

Day 1 Highlight

  • Zurich Airport – you’ve arrived!
  • Ride on Swiss Trains & take in beautiful views
  • Check-in & make yourself comfortable
  • Luzern – see the beautiful lakes!

Arrive in Zurich, Train to Luzern and Stay in Luzern (& afternoon/evening walk).

Why? If you’re like me and would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city, then Luzern may be the place to begin your first-time visit in Switzerland 😀

So, first-time visitor recommendation: Arrive in Zurich & take the awesome Swiss train to Luzern because there are quite a few major attractions that you can enjoy in Luzern, whilst also enjoying the beautiful Luzern lake as well!  Say what? Yes, beautiful lakes.

Getting There

If your flight arrives in Zurich and on the way to another destination (like Luzern), I recommend that you take the Swiss train with the Swiss Travel Pass. 

Here are a few helpful things to highlight for you:

  • Zurich Airport train station: The station that you will take from Zurich airport is called “Zürich Flughafen”. (Don’t be overwhelmed and get lost like me when I first got there because I couldn’t the station.)
  • Duration: The train journey’s duration (Zurich > Luzern) is between 1 hour 7 minutes to 1 hour 19 minutes, depending on the train timings that you take.
  • Swiss trains: Swiss trains are safe, on-time and reliable. 
  • Ticket types: You can either opt-in for:-
    • Option 1: A Single ticket to Luzern (15CHF, 2nd class | 26.5CHF, 1st class) or 
    • Option 2 (My Recommended Option): Get a Swiss Travel Pass for unlimited trains (including intercity), free access to over 500 museums and free passes (& discounted) to some mountain excursions as well.

I have written another post on various benefits of Swiss Travel Pass (just because I used this and saved several hundred dollars during my week’s stay there)

Where to Stay in Luzern

Average stays in Luzern are between USD$120 –  USD$250+ per night (per 2 people) for a 3-star hotel, depending on the locations. If you would like 4- to 5-star hotels, it may cost between $350 – $800+ per night.

My go-to places to find where to stay are:

    • Booking.com (find your hotels here)
    • Airbnb.com (having friends with you will make this more affordable)
    • Hostelworld.com (most affordable)

Tip for Savings: You can also find hotels in the surrounding suburbs of Luzern, such as Kriens, which offers affordable stays with beautiful views of the Swiss Alps. Once you book into the hotel, you can usually get free bus tickets to travel to and from Luzern city anyway!

I have also written another post with breakdown calculations of the budgets you would typically spend on a trip to Switzerland, based on your travel styles.

Things to Do

After you get to Luzern and you’re all checked-in, here are a few things you can do during the afternoon/evening time in Luzern:

  • Take an easy afternoon/evening stroll near Chapel Bridge & Old Town to explore the afternoon/evening vibe of the famous attractions.
  • Walk along the beautiful Luzern Lake to end your day with a nice takeaway or after your dinner in one of the restaurants.

Tips (clothing) for Switzerland in March: Always bring extra layers of clothes (hoodie, jumpers and/or coat) during your March stay because the winter breeze outside still lingers. Don’t worry, you can take them off if it gets hot after long walks or when you’re indoors.

By the way, I have also written on how expensive (or cheap) is a visit to Switzerland (including a budget calculator as well). See here!


Day 2: Luzern (Day One)

Day 2 Highlights

  • Lion Monument
  • The Chapel Bridge
  • Hofkirche St. Leodegar (Landmark Church in Luzern)
  • Lake Luzern & Lake Cruises
  • Swiss Museum of Transport
  • Luzern city

Getting Around in Luzern

Depending on where you stay in Luzern (including suburbs), we highly recommend that you take the public buses available. 

Tip: Usually when you book a hotel in Luzern (and Switzerland in general), you will usually get free public bus tickets for each of the guests! So, your bus rides should be covered for free! Alternatively, if you have a Swiss Travel Pass, this also covers all of your bus rides for free!

Things to Do

After having a nice breakfast, today you can start exploring all of the major attractions in the city of Luzern. Here are some of the things I would recommend:

Morning start

Luzern Train station

If this is your first time to Luzern, you will not regret it if you start your full-day journey at the Luzern main train station first. 

  • Find a few finger foods (e.g. pretzels) and coffees for the beautiful morning to warm you up from the end-of-winter weather in March
  • As you walk out of the station and right across the road in front of the station, you will encounter the big entrance structure with the word “WELCOME” imprinted (as you gaze up). As you walk through that big entrance structure, it will be your first time of Luzern’s morning to see the amazing architectures across the Reuss river with breath-taking views. As you stand here for a few minutes, your excitement, creativity, and curiosity may start to flow for the day’s journey. 

Chapel Bridge / Old Town

Although you may or may not have taken the evening stroll at the Chap Bridge last evening, your first stop can very well be the famous Chapel bridge. It’s different in the morning.

  • The Chapel Bridge is a direct translation from Kapellbrücke.
  • The Cha(walking from the Luzern train station), you may find also encounter the Luzern Theater right before you walk across the Chapel Bridge.

And as you walk on the Chapel Bridge, you will find this bridge diagonally situated on the river Reuss, connecting you into the Old town areas (on the other end) to experience and sightsee truly interesting and unique buildings with designed paintings on the walls of these buildings in the Old Town.


My partner and I opted in for a quick, simple lunch at one of the local cafes (~30-40CHF for both of us). Alternatively, there are alternative options at various local grocery stores around the Old town areas (e.g. Migros, Coops), which should cost no more than 6-8CHF per person for a sandwich and a drink!


The Lion Monument & the Glacier Garden 

Lion Monument: here, opt-in for a photo in front of the famous Lion Monument (built to commemorate the bravery of the Swiss guards during the French Revolution in 1792. You may find an inscription on the Lion Monument HELVETIORUM FIDEI AC VIRTUTI, which means “To the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss”.

The Glacier Garden: And although Luzern is known for its Lion Monument, I thought the Glacier Garden (next to the Lion Monument; free if you have Swiss Pass) was rather interesting because the very spots that you visit used to be the place where the actual glaciers used to be! Hence, the glacier garden! You can read a little bit about the glaciers and how they make such big holes in the super-hard rocks! Apart from that, there are also interactive indoor museums housing some interesting facts about Switzerland throughout the history of mankind. Interesting fact: Switzerland was once a tropical place – can you believe it?!

Duration: 1 hour – 1.50 hours 

The Landmark Church in Luzern (Hofkirche St. Leodegar)

After you’ve taken the beautiful view of the 17th Century Gothic architecture, it’s worth walking up the hill to see the inside of this beautiful church yourself. It’s truly an experience to be immersed in this historical sightseeing place in Luzern!

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: Free

Luzern city / Lake Luzern 

Duration: 30 minutes – 1 hour (or rest of the day)

Once you finish exploring the landmark church uphill, you can now take a nice, breezy walk around the Luzern city and also around the Luzern lake. Our favorite thing here would be to walk along Lake Luzern since it’s only across the road once you walk downhill from the landmark church. Here, depending on your travel style, you can spend up to the rest of your day enjoying the breeze, the birds and the beautiful, breathtaking mountain views, or you can opt-in for the Lake Cruise or the Swiss Museum of Transport! 


Lake Cruises or Swiss Museum of Transport

Duration: 2 – 3 hours (just before dinner time!)

Option 1: Hofkirche St. Leodegar to take Lake Cruise wharf (750 meters)

Here’s the Google Maps of the walking path to get to the Lake Cruises departure Wharf from the Landmark Church

Lake Cruises: the full length of the cruise take up to 2 hours along Lake Luzern (20 stops), but since we’re on an afternoon joy ride, you can opt for one of the stops along the lake and just experience what it’s like to be a local Swiss for a couple of hours! 

  • How much – If you have a Swiss Pass (see explanations of the different Swiss Pass below), you can use the Luzern Lake cruises for free – just bring along your Swiss Pass. (If you have a half-fare Swiss pass, you will get 50% off!)
  • Tip: since all Swiss trains and boats/cruises have both 2nd & 1st class, you’ll have to option to experience 1st class treatment on this cruise with the 1st Class Swiss Pass. Honestly, we splurged on the 8-day Swiss Pass (1st Class) because it was our first time there!

Option 2: Hofkirche St. Leodegar to Swiss Museum of Transport (1.9 km)

Here are the bus routes to get to the Swiss Museum of Transport from the Landmark Church

Swiss Museum of Transport: although we almost didn’t come here because we were so mesmerized by breathtaking views on the Lake Luzern cruise (okay, we admit that we took it multiple times throughout our stay in Luzern), the Swiss Museum of Transport is simply an awesome museum that went beyond my expectations (into my “curios” zone). 

  • As its name suggests, the museum hosts a wide range of interesting history of all modes of transport in Switzerland (trains, cars, planes).
  • And because I’m naturally curious about how things work, what struck me was the history behind the wide variety of different models of trains and cars.
  • And the highlights here would be the level of interactivities you can engage in throughout your museum visit!
  • From playing with mini constructions cranes to seeing a showcase of car models (dating back from like the 1930s until today) from a huge display of cars stacked on a huge shelf in the museum!

Opening Times: 10 am – 5 pm (Winter period), 10 am – 6 pm (Summer period)

Pro Tip: Depending on the crowd, you can either swap the itineraries around for Morning / Afternoon attractions! Note that we found that the Lion Monument was crowded in the morning (around 10 am) due to group tours, so be there early if you are opting in for this visit in the morning!


Day 3: Luzern (Day Two)

Day 3 Highlights 

  • Mt. Rigi (Rigi Kulm)
  • Lake Cruises
  • Tour smaller towns near Luzern / Mt. Rigi

Morning + Lunch at Mt. Rigi

Starting bright and early in the morning, we’d recommend that you bring an extra layer of clothing because the mountain top can be very cold due to the beautiful wind, especially during March (end of winter/beginning of spring season). 

Mt. Rigi (Visit Rigi Klum, highest peak of Mt. Rigi) 

  • Duration (estimated depending on your preference): Half of the Day or Whole Day

Mode of Transport from Luzern to Rigi Kulm peak:

Luzern > Vitznau > Cogwheel @ Vitznau > Rigi Kulm

How to Get to Vitznau (Cogwheel train) & Back to Luzern:

Cogwheel train (Vitznau to Rigi Kulm)

  • Cost of the Cogwheel Train: 36CHF (or Free with Swiss Travel Pass)

On Rigi Kulm

  • Once you’re on Mt. Rigi, take lots of photos and enjoy the beautiful view of the Swiss Alps!
  • Oh, and feel free to have some coffee and a bit of snack/lunch up there as well! They have a restaurant up there with a classic Swiss experience in itself (to stand and queue up to order your food on the mountain top)! 

Here’s our lunch there:

On the way down from Rigi Kulm

  • On the way down, you can either go back to Vitznau or Weggis (along Luzern lake cruise), or
  • Opt for another destination along the train line.

If you’re like us, we opted for something different and went to Arth-Goldau (fewer people & beautiful small town), walked along the local streets for an hour or so, then we took the train back to Luzern from there (covered by our Swiss Travel Pass; free).


Depending on your travel style, you can either:

  • Enjoy the lake cruise ride & hop off in different suburbs along the way for the rest of the afternoon,
  • Spend time at the zoo/animal park at Arth-Goldau, or
  • Spend the rest of your day enjoying Luzern city or Swiss Museum of Transport (if you never had a chance to go yet)


Enjoy your dinner, take a nice walk along Lake Luzern to digest your foods and head on for an early rest to Interlaken/Grindelwald the next day!


Day 4: Interlaken & Grindelwald (Stay at Wilderswil)

Day 4 Highlights

  • Interlaken
  • Wilderswil (or surrounding towns)
  • Grindelwald

Getting from Luzern to Interlaken / Grindelwald (including Surrounding Areas)

  • Mode of Transport: Swiss Train
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Cost: 22.10 CHF (2nd class), 38.80 CHF (1st class); (Free for Swiss Travel Pass holders; 1st class or 2nd class)


We stayed in Wilderswil (before Grindelwald Stay) because:

  • Quiet & Peaceful: Such a wonderful stay near nature and mountains!
  • Local Boutique hotel: We had a wonderful stay at Wilderswil, where there were a lot fewer tourists and we could experience the local feels of a local, quality boutique hotel there; I love supporting local businesses.
  • A short walk from Train Station: Our hotel was an only 5-minute walk from the Wilderswil train station.
  • Wilderswil to Grindelwald: Apart from that, since Wilderswil is only 40 minutes (via train) to Grindelwald and our Swiss Travel Pass covers all train rides, we could also save a bit of money on accommodation as well.  


Luzern to Interlaken & Grindelwald & Check-in into Accommodation

Good day! Today, you’re heading your way down south from Luzern to Interlaken, and hopefully check-in into your accommodation in Grindelwald or one of the cities nearby.

Late Morning / Early Afternoon

Things to Do

Once you’re all checked in, now you’re ready to explore even more! 

  • Explore Grindelwald city: Once you’re in Grindelwald, you can simply take it easy and walk around the town for a few hours and call it a day or you can also opt in for some sledging fun for a few hours! Yes, March still has enough snow in the mountains that you can sledge (or they call toboggan); we hired a 2-seater one which held both of us! Super fun!
  • Explore Mürren, Lauterbrunnen & Wengen, including winter walking trails: if you’re into free & easy, you can opt to see some of the beautiful, local cities in the same area as Grindelwald. Apart from enjoying the groomed winter trails, you may be able to opt in for some rejuvenation like the Spa & Salt Spa (here).


Since you’re exploring Grindelwald, I’d recommend trying of the local restaurants there. We actually tried Bebbis while in Grindelwald. Their schnitzel, chicken cordon bleu and cheeseburger were pretty good, but their views and ambience made the food taste better!

Alternatively, there are also great selections of ready-to-eat hot chicken and cold sandwiches and drinks at the Coop Supermarket and VOI in Grindelwald.

Side Note: Wilderswil Stay in June – October

If you stay in Wilderswil during June to October, check out Schynige Platte.

Schynige Platte (only June – October)

If you stay in Wilderswil, the upside is that you have another attraction you can enjoy before going to the famous Grindelwald the next day: Schynige Platte – Top of Swiss Tradition. The ride up there from Wilderswil is an experience in itself, and once you’re there you can truly enjoy the panorama hikes with breathtaking views! See the trailer with epic music!

Transport: It’s only a 1-hour ride to Schynige Platte from Wilderswil. 


Day 5: Grindelwald – Jungfraujoch

Day 5 Highlights

  • Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

How to get there: Grindelwald > Jungfraujoch

Today we’re going to spend the day at the famous top of Europe – Jungfraujoch!

You can easily take a day trip from Grindelwald up to Jungfraujoch.

By way of introduction, the Jungfraujoch (aka Top of Europe) station is the highest mountain railway station in Europe. It stands at 3,454 meters (11,333 ft)!

The duration of each trip from Grindelwald to Jungfraujoch (change at Klein Scheidegg) takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Direction to Jungfraujoch: Grindelwald Station > Kleine Scheidegg > Jungfraujoch train station

Direction to Grindelwald: Jungfraujoch train station > Kleine Scheidegg > Grindelwald Station

Pro Tip: in winter, I would recommend that you check the weather the night before your trip up to Jungfraujoch because if there is an expected snowstorm, it may take up to twice the normal time (~3 hours) to either go up to / come down from Jungfraujoch to Grindelwald.

Activities at Jungfraujoch

  • Photo taking: Once you’re there, you can spend some time to see the beautiful views from the Top of Europe and take some photos! 
  • Jungfraujoch Station: Oh yes, even the Jungfraujoch station itself is intriguing and worth a photo!
  • Ice Palace: to add to the winter awesomeness, I found the ice palace to be really “cool”. You might also find something out of the “Ice Age” hidden within the walls of the ice palace as well! 
  • Alpine Sensation: it’s a place that allows you to experience the walk down the memory lane of how this place all got started by the visionaries who created the railway leading up to the Top of Europe.
  • Lindt Chocolate Shop: They also have a chocolate shop up there as well! 


In Grindelwald, my partner and I decided to stay in a truly Swiss experience up on the mountain at Berghaus Bort (this one of the cable car stations along the main Grindelwald cable car line). 

Here are a few highlights:

  • Swiss-style rooms with a beautiful of the snow-covered mountains in Grindelwald
  • Get the Full-Board experience (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) – true Swiss experience
  • Family-based hotel business, so the staffs are homey and friendly

Note: Read our full review here.


Day 6: Grindelwald

Day 6 Highlights:

  • Winter Activity for Non-skier: Toboggan
  • Grindelwald City
  • Swiss Bakery

Toboggan In Grindelwald (From a place called Bussalp)

Duration of the Activity: Half the day

Although we are non-skiers, we wanted to do some activities in the snow since we’re already there! 

And what’s better than going on a 2-seater Toboggan (picture in the slideshow above) run down the pristine white snow of Grindelwald’s mountains in Bussalp.

If you’re doing it the first time, the Bussalp run may be a great starting point (at less than 3 km run down to Lochsteinen).

Tip: If you’re going for the 2-seater Toboggan, I’d recommend for the stronger person to sit behind, as you area able to slow down the toboggan much easier on turns and curves.

How to Get Up to Bussalp 

There are direct buses catered specifically for Bussalp (Line 126) available from the main bus stop next to the Grindelwald train station.

Price (Return tickets from / to Grindelwald & Bussalp)

  • CHF47.60 (Full price)
  • CHF 23.80 (Swiss Travel Pass holders)

Sledge Rental Price

  • CHF14.00 each (1-seater) 
  • CHF 18.00 each (2-seaters)

After the Sledge Run

Once your sledge run concludes at Lochsteinen, you can wait for the next bus that goes back down to Grindelwald. There is a waiting spot specifically for all sledging folks to wait at. Meanwhile, you can take some photos with the toboggan and post on social media to let your friends know that you’ve done it 😀

After you come down to Grindelwald, you might be hungry and sweaty from that sledge run.

Depending on where you stay, you can either grab some food first or go back to the hotel to take a nice warm shower first.

Lunch in Grindelwald

For a quick meal, you can go for the sandwiches at the Coop supermarket. 

Alternatively, you can grab some nice lunch at one of the restaurants in Grindelwald town. 

Recommendation: One nice restaurant that I would recommend is Ringgenberg, which does breakfast, lunch and late lunch! They are actually a really nice Grindelwald bakery that opens really early in the morning and closes by about 6.30 pm. When you’re there for lunch, you can also order something from their bakery shop next door and have it inside their seating area of the restaurant as well as their lunch menus!

Tip for another day: I would also recommend that you try their baked goods in the morning with a cup of coffee from there as well.

After Lunch

Explore & Shop: After the sumptuous lunch, feel free to take it easy and stroll around Grindelwald city and explore some boutique shops around the area. Perhaps, you may find some gifts you can start to buy back for memories (e.g. fridge magnets) or for your loved ones.

Spa & Swim: If that’s not enough, you can also take a few hours for a Jacuzzi & Swimming pool, Sauna and Steambaths at the hotel Belvedere in Grindelwald. Prices range from CHF28 – CHF 48 per adult for a 2-hour session.

Dinner in Grindelwald

For dinner, you can explore the other restaurants in Grindelwald (apart from Bebbis on Day 4) as well. There are quite a few options available, and the food is usually pretty good:

  • Memory: Swiss Fondue!
  • C und M: Classic European foods
  • Golden India: Northern Indian cuisines
  • Onkel Tom’s: Pizza

After Dinner

By the time you finish dinner, the night must have arrived and you’re ready to call it a day. Take a night stroll and deep breaths of the fresh Grindelwald air (hopefully no cars around by that time), as you ease back into the beautiful night at your hotel.

Good night! Tomorrow is a big day to Zermatt! Woohoo!


Day 7: Grindelwald – Zermatt

Day 7 Highlights 

  • Classic Swiss train experience to Zermatt
  • Zermatt city & village walking tour

Have you checked out and had a nice breakfast? Ready to travel to Zermatt? 

Why Zermatt?

  • Apart from its being a car-free city, Zermatt is beautifully situated at the foot of the highest mountains in the entire Alpine mountain range; namely Matterhorn, Weisshorn, Monte Rosa.
  • Once you get to the Zermatt station, you may see a lot of horse-drawn carriages to either pick up hotel guests to the respective hotels or to allow tourists to pay to ride on one.
  • Because it is car-free, horse-drawn carriage may be one of the unique ways to start your awesome journey in Zermatt!  

How to Get There via Train?

Grindelwald > Interlaken > Spiez > Visp > Zermatt 

A total of 3 changes at Interlaken, Spiez and Visp, the total trip duration is around 3 hours. 

Recommended Activities on the train to Zermatt (to alleviate boredom):

  • Enjoy the scenic views of the Swiss Alps and beautiful lakes
  • Take photos along the way
  • Read a book
  • Play card games
  • Reflect and journal
  • Say hi to friends you may meet along the way
  • Look up on what you can do at Zermatt on that day (especially if you will get there by afternoon)

Any other suggestions? Comment below! 

Prices via Train

  • If you have a Swiss Travel Pass, this trip is free.
  • If you don’t, it costs CHF47.10 for 2nd class and CHF82.80 for 1st class tickets.

Where to Stay in Zermatt? (March rates)

  • Luxury Stay (4- to 5-star): USD$600 – $1000 / night / room
  • 3-star hotels: USD$350-$450 / night / room
  • 2-star hotels: USD$250-$350 / night / room
  • Airbnb for 2 (e.g. Studio): USD$200 – $250 / night /room
  • Hostels for 2 (private, min. 2-night stay): USD$100 / night / room

Activities for the Rest of the Day

  • Walk around the Zermatt town and try some local foods you find along the car-free streets
  • Take the village tour (starts 4.30 pm @ Tourist Office in Zermatt) – Highly Recommended! It only takes up to 2 hours! It only costs CHF10! Be sure to check the schedules for either the languages you prefer (English, German)

Day 8: Zermatt

Day 8 Highlights

  • Mountain Excursion
  • (Easy) Winter Hike
  • Toboggan  

Today, you’ve got a full day in Zermatt! And if you’re like me and my partner, we’re non-skiers, so I’ll be talking about what you can do!

Activities for Non-Skiers 

Mountain excursion up to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise or Gornergrat Bahn 

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise via the highest cable car in Europe (3,883 meters!) or board the Gornergrat Bahn train!

No trip to Zermatt would be complete without going up to the Matterhorn and take a breath-taking view from the highest viewing platform in the Alps, or you can also go for the Gornergrat Bahn (pictured above) as well.

Special Note: Swiss Travel Pass gets discounted tickets – just bring your Travel Pass and purchase tickets for the cable car at the station locally!


Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (return ticket from Zermatt):

  • CHF87.50 (Full Price)
  • CHF43.50 (with Swiss Travel Pass, 50% off)

Gornergrat Bahn (return ticket from Zermatt):

  1. CHF76.00 (Full Price)
  2. CHF38.00 (with Swiss Travel Pass, 50% off!)

Winter Hiking 

Here, I’ve included a couple of easy trails you can take about half of your day to enjoy! 

2 x Easy Trails at different starting positions

Trail #1: Rotenboden – Riffelberg (2.6 km) – about 1 hour

Trail #2 Panoramaweg Täsch (4.4 km) – about 1.5 – 2 hours

Toboggan / Sledding

Easy: Rotenboden – Riffelberg

An alternative to the Rotenboden – Riffelberg easy winter hike, you can also use this easy toboggan run, down from this route in the prepared paths for tobogganing! 

Duration: this route takes only about 10 minutes 

Distance: 1.5 km

More thrilling: Täsch toboggan run

The starting point: Resti (1’890 m) 

Destination: Täsch (1’450 m)

Duration: ~20 minutes

Distance: 3.6 km 

What to Eat 

I’d recommend to just walk around the Zermatt town to find something to eat! There are so many interesting foods on offer!

For Recommendations

  • Molino: Italian food. They made super classic and awesome Pizzas and really original italian pastas!
  • Du Pont restaurant: serves up really awesome fondue and rosti!

Wrap Up in Switzerland

After 8 days in Switzerland, give yourself a huge pat on the back because:

# 1 You’ve traveled more than 250 km through Switzerland on the Swiss trains, traveling from Zurich to Luzern to Interlaken to Grindelwald to Zermatt!

#2 (Hopefully) You’ve taken the beautiful lake cruises on the beautiful Lake Luzern and explore small towns in the surrounding areas. (If you would like to know a secret place I visited through the Lake Cruise (I didn’t cover in this post), you can join the conversation & ask me)

#3 You’ve not only hiked in the beautiful snow, but you’ve conquered your fears and allowed yourself to sled down the white snow of Switzerland (hopefully with your loved ones or a friend)! And hopefully, you had a chance to be a kid again and do the snow butterfly!

#4 You’ve tasted the Swiss fondue, Rosti and beautiful Swiss baked goods!

#5 You’ve done all the touristy attractions, but hopefully also explored some hidden attractions!

Aren’t you excited to go to Switzerland?! I’m still excited even when writing this post myself!

I hope that this post has added at least ONE MASSIVE VALUE for you! 

Now, it’s your turn to share what else you can do in Switzerland (that I might have very well missed on this itinerary)!

Well, that’s the beauty of an online community to start sharing your thoughts and ideas right now!

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GK is a curiosity-driven traveler who discovers places through its natural beauties, histories and people's stories. A perfect travel plan for GK and his family would be a great coffee to start off the day before taking in the breathtaking views of landscapes and horizons with some hikes in between and toppling it off with some great photos of the places and people. And how can you forget great local & fresh foods to truly be immersed and inspired by what the world has to offer.

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