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Free Travel Checklist for your next adventure in 2021!

In this 26-Page Overseas Travel Checklist, I included an exclusive and extensive pre-travel checklist as well as packing checklists for Summer and Winter! Enjoy this Ultimate Overseas Travel Checklist!

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Travel Experiences & Highlights!

Discover curated and typed-out travel experiences from (the heart of) Asia & some of our trips in Europe. Coming up in 2020: Americas, Australia & many more!

We plan the basics for our destinations, and allow the place to take us on a journey. It allows us to see, to hear, to sense, to breath and to discover. Then? We take lots of pictures as each moment allows us. And share it here.

Are You A

Your Apprentice is Tech

You may have plans that change, but you’re flexible and ready to discover what’s to come. Useful tech is there to help you plan on the go, capture the moments, stay connected on your adventure and share with the world!

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You've Pinned the Map

Your vast dreams started when you saw and felt, then you “pinned the map”. This is only the beginning of your journey that you will later discover.

Your Travel Your Way

There are no rules. Just an open heart that’s free and ready to explore the hidden treasures, the side roads and backstreets, the people you’ve never spoken to before, the new horizons that await and the endless experiences of a lifetime – no matter where you go.

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