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Bali local foods with reasonable prices -

How Much is Food In Bali?

With so many great restaurants and food options in Bali nowadays, you have so many varieties of cuisines and types of foods to choose from, based on your budget and the cost of foods in Bali!

In this post, we will give you some ideas about the food prices in Bali through the lens of trying a wide range of types of foods on our recent stay in Bali!

From local to western foods, we will be covering the 8 places we went to eat and hopefully to give you an idea about the question you came here for: “how much is food in Bali?“!.

How much is food in Bali - Bali Street Corn -

#1 Fresh Roasted Corn from street vendors

Cost: $1-$2 (10,000 – 20,000 Rupiah)

Sometimes, having simple foods like corn on the cob over roasted coals right on the beach may just be the very thing to satisfy your taste buds on your bali holiday and to enjoy the vibe of simpler days. 

It might just remind us of how great our God is in creating such simple, yet satisfying things (corn and fire) in our lives.

By the way, most of the Bali corns we’ve tasted, they have this special spiced butter that they brush on the corn after corn is cooked over the fire! Oh, that taste! The combination of that spiced butter over freshly cooked corn is something else!

Go and try it! This is probably one of the more underrated foods to eat in Bali Indonesia because most people just go straight to brunches or restaurants.

How much is food in Bali - Warung Kolega Mixed Rice Bali -
Image Credit: Erwin Soo [CC BY 2.0 (]

#2 Local Bali Mixed Rice @ Warung Kolega Masakan Jawa

Cost: $3 – $6 per person (maximum) 

(the price will vary based on the selections you put on your plate, but the top range per plate was around $6 (I’m talking 2 meats and 2-3 veggies with rice)). 

This was a completely random stop because we were craving for something local with rice, vegetables and meat. After searching on Google for best local bali foods for a while, we were led here and thank God that we were. This is, hands down, one of the best places to eat in Bali Indonesia for very reasonable price.

The best part of this place is that you can actually pick your own rice, meats and veggies – as much as you’d like at very reasonable prices of a few dollars!

If you’re not familiar with Asian cuisines, many of the local Asian cuisines that many of us grew up with are nicely arrayed in trays of hot cooked Asian dishes that you can choose from. This is one of those places!

And here’s a few reasons why I love this place and would go back again:

  1. Locals eat there (no tourists when we visited for lunch), so you know it’s good
  2. Clean and great taste – all of their foods don’t just look clean amazing, they also taste very nice!
  3. Variety – they don’t just offer many varieties of foods to select from but also many types of rice (white rice, coconut rice, turmeric rice) to go with your veggies and meat!

Oh man, now I’m hungry.

#3 Local Bali Pork with Rice (+Spicy) @ Warung Cahaya

Cost: $3 – $3.50 per plate

This was a place introduced by our Indonesian friend who’s been here quite a few times and recommended this local food shop to us. They specialise in freshly cooked fried pork with rice and condiments.

What surprised us were 2 things:

  1. There were barely any tourists when we visited the place, but the place was already packed!
  2. The condiments accompanying the pork is super spicy! On a scale of 1 (mildest) to 10 (spiciest), I’d say it’s about 9. So, if you’re thinking to try it out, I’d say “have at least 2 bottles of water + 1 glass of milk in your hands… haha”.
How much is food in Bali - Menega Cafe Seafood Bali -

#4 Local Bali Seafood by the Beach @ Menega Cafe

Cost: $15-$20 per person

Although this place is a bit further away from the city and it will require you to hire a taxi to reach there, this is a unique restaurant in many ways.

1. Seatings on the beach: most of the seats are situated on the beachfront.

So, imagine yourself with your loved ones having a candlelit dinner as you listen to the waves of the ocean, the calming sounds of the winds, the moonlight that shines in the horizons above and the Bali lights that fills your sight as you gaze down from the horizons afar.

Yeah, that’s the picture. 

Honesty here: it was difficult to see your own food in the midst of the dark night with the candlelight though.

2. Flavor from the BBQs: the BBQ dishes that you order here are freshly cooked over the big fire in the BBQ roasting area they have, which you can see right from the entrance of the restaurant.

Beachwalk shopping center Bali -
Image Credit: Erwin Soo [CC BY 2.0 (]

#5 Mr. Wayan, By the Sea @ Beachwalk Shopping Center

Cost: ~$5 (Entrees) – $13 (Main meals) per dish. Average price per person would be around $25-$30 for a shared meal with non-alcoholic drinks.

If Warung Kolega (above) was a reasonably priced lunch place, we’d say Mr. Wayan is a more luxurious version of the local Balinese food with great food quality and the type of Bali atmosphere (overlooking the beach, especially nice for sunset dinners) that is appropriate for anyone to enjoy. 

Because this place is located inside the beachwalk shopping center next to Kuta beach, it’s really a perfect combination of your maximum enjoyment of the modern world and the relaxing beachfront. You can pretty much go shopping and enjoy a relaxing beach walk right after dinner.

How much is food in Bali - SIsterfields Cafe Brunch Bali -

#6 Sisterfields

Cost: $15 – $25 per person

This is the place we always pin on our to-go and to-eat list when we visit Bali because it’s one of the best brunch places to eat in Bali Indonesia. Apart from it being a popular brunch place amongst locals, expats and tourists, here are a few reasons why we love it here:

  1. Food quality: every single time we come to Sisterfields, it has never ever been a disappointment. Their food always come out well-cooked and sometimes surprisingly good for simple ingredients they use to cook some of the dishes.
  2. Vibe: the atmosphere at Sisterfields will always make you feel at home surrounded by international friends. It could be because of their interior design, music, people and many more, but I wouldn’t try to describe it than to go there and experience it.
  3. Coffee: as coffee lovers, travel faring team always make sure to get their coffee! We either go for Iced Americano (for original taste) or Iced Latte (for a softer tone).

#7 Livingstone

Cost: $2-$3 (Coffee), $3.5-$5.5 (Desserts), $7-$10 (breakfast menu), $16.5 (steak)

Livingstone was a hidden gem for us for a long time, even though we have been to Bali quite a few times. When we first discovered photos of their croissants and coffee on their instagram, we said to ourselves: “can you call a taxi/grab/gojek now?” I mean, we had to go and try it “now”.

Apart from the croissant made fresh daily and great coffee, here are the other parts of why Livingstone is on our list:

  1. Quality and Selections: they also have great selections of western foods, bakery products and desserts available. You can pair the bakery products or their breakfast menus with coffee and/or if you’re a bit healthier, you can go for the smoothie with acai fruit bowl as well. We actually came back to this place twice in 3 days, so we really got to taste quite a few things, and overall we’d say it’s really worth a try to go there for their breakfast/brunch! 
  2. Atmosphere: We also loved how the entire vibe of the restaurant is very welcoming: with great natural light that reflects onto the nature tones (light brown, green, white) of the interiors. In fact, most of their restaurant interiors are light brown woods, which we really love!

#8 Starfish @ W Hotel

Cost: $7-$10 (Entrees), $15 – $35 (Mains)

Because the restaurant belongs to W Hotel, the food that you order here is on the pricey side when compared to other local foods in Bali. Although on the more expensive side, here are some of the distinctions we saw in our dinner experience there:

  1. Food experience: their food is a fusion between western and asian cuisines, and the way they present their foods is almost  fine-dining quality.
  2. Privacy & Service: You want a rather private meal with your loved ones with appropriate services and attention from the staffs.
  3. Atmosphere: you’re looking for a great atmosphere by the beach as you gaze into the sunset on the horizons in a beautiful setting semi-outdoor setting

Wrap Up

With so many options to choose from the best places to eat in Bali Indonesia, my rule of thumb is to at least try 1 local dish per day (lunch or dinner) while you stay in Bali!

And given that you’ll be on a holiday in Bali and Bali is considered quite good for their value for money anyways, I’d encourage you and your loved ones to try all types of foods – from simple local foods at “warungs” (local family-owned restaurants in Bali) to brunch cafes to nice western foods (usually opened by expats) to (even) fast foods!

And if you want to see what Bali has to offer, overall, you can find more details here.

Share Your Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed what’s been shared in this post.

Do you have any other underrated places in Singapore that will bring you closer to nature? We’d love to hear from you! 

Comment below!

GK is a curiosity-driven traveler who discovers places through its natural beauties, histories and people's stories. A perfect travel plan for GK and his family would be a great coffee to start off the day before taking in the breathtaking views of landscapes and horizons with some hikes in between and toppling it off with some great photos of the places and people. And how can you forget great local & fresh foods to truly be immersed and inspired by what the world has to offer.

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