How Much Does It Cost To Vacation In Switzerland? (The 5 Elements to Consider)

5 Important Elements to Your Question: How Much Does It Cost to Vacation in Switzerland

If you’re planning to visit Switzerland, you’re definitely going to think about the question: “How much does it cost to vacation in Switzerland”?. In this post, I will take you through and hopefully help you to have some ideas about the budget you may be spending in Switzerland.

In essence, I’ll be covering the 5 most important elements that will help to give you a great starting point to answer your question (How much does it cost to vacation in Switzerland?):

  1. Element #1 Fly (Flights)
  2. Element #2 Stay (Accommodation)
  3. Element #3 Move (Transport)
  4. Element #4 Eat (Food)
  5. Element #5 Play (Activities)

Let’s get right into the breakdown and we will include a conclusion below!

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Swiss Flights Costs -

#1 Fly (Flights)

For flights to Switzerland, it can vary from where you’re embarking your journey from. For this post, I’ll cover some ranges for a couple of countries:


High Season (Winter & Summer)

Low Season (April – May)


SGD$1900 – SGD$2100


SGD $1200 – $1500

USA (New York)

USD$1100 – USD$1200


USD$600 – USD$800

USA (San Francisco)

USD$1700 – USD$1900



Switzerland Accommodation Costs -

#2 Stay (Accommodation)

For accommodation, the prices below are filtered from the lens of a few factors:

  1. Types of accommodations you’ll be staying at: Hotels, Airbnb, Hostels
  2. If it’s a hotel then by ratings.
  • 5-Star Luxurious (think penthouse, luxurious hotels)
  • 5-Star (Standard)
  • 4-Star
  • 3-Star
  1. Decent locations in each of the cities for each type of accommodations.
  2. Season: The prices listed below are based on high season (Winter & Summer). Low seasons are expected to be around 15%-20% less.

Accommodation prices per 2 persons (room or co-share)





5-Star Hotel (Luxurious)





5-Star Hotel





4-Star Hotel





3-Star Hotel















Switzerland Train Jungfraujoch Train costs -

#3 Move (Transport in Switzerland)

For first-time visitors, I highly recommend that you buy the Swiss Travel Pass.

Now, before I talk about the practical benefits of Swiss Travel Pass for first-time visitors, the Swiss public transport (trains & lake cruises) have 2 types of classes: 2nd class & 1st class. Depending on which one you choose, the prices may differ.

Now, let’s talk about a couple of practical reasons for choosing the Swiss Travel Pass:

The Obvious Benefits: stipulated benefits that you get from the pass itself, such as free access to over 500+ museums and free & discounted mountain excursions. For example, if you hold a Swiss Travel pass, you will get free mountain excursion to Mt. Rigi, including the Lake Cruise ride from Luzern city to Vitznau as well. I talk about this in this post as well!

Intercity: If you’re visiting Switzerland for the first time, you will most likely want to move to different cities every couple of nights (e.g. Zurich, Luzern, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Zermatt etc.). If you don’t have a Swiss Travel Pass it will cost you a bit to travel intercity. Let’s take an example of an 8-day journey. 




First, you travel on the 2nd class Swiss train from Zurich Airport to Luzern. 


A few days later, you go from Luzern to Grindelwald via Interlaken.


A couple of nights into Grindelwald, you decided to go to Zermatt

Total 84.20

Grand Total for 5 cities

Other transport costs: within each of the cities, you may also spend some of your times in mountain excursions and lake cruises to enjoy the most of what Switzerland has to offer as well.

For example: 

Luzern city > Lake Cruise > Mt. Rigi (Round-trip): 

  • Full Price: CHF 117 (2nd class, round trip)
  • Swiss Travel Pass Holder: Free

Interlaken: Lake Thun cruise

  • Full Price: CHF 77 (2nd class, round trip)
  • Swiss Travel Pass Holder: Free

Interlaken: Lake Brienz cruise

  • Full Price: CHF 54 (2nd class, round trip)
  • Swiss Travel Pass Holder: Free

Grindelwald > Top of Europe (Jungfraujoch)

  • Full Price: CHF 214
  • Swiss Travel Pass Holder: CHF155.40 (savings of CHF58.60)

Total: CHF306.60


With the schedules above and if you hold a Swiss Travel Pass, you will have:

  • Traveled to 5 Swiss cities
  • Taken 4 lake cruises and 
  • Enjoyed 2 mountain excursions

Have had the grand total of savings of CHF390.80 / person

(CHF 84.20 (Intercity Trains) + CHF 306.60 (Cruises and Excursions))

  • In Singapore Dollars: ~$557.00 in savings (based on CHF1 to SGD1.43)
  • In US Dollars : ~$402.00 in savings (based on CHF1 to USD 1.03)
Swiss food costs -

#4 Eat (Food)

The estimated food costs are based on the price of a typical meal at lunch or dinner for 2 people, either for takeaway or eat-in.

Lunch: $50 – 80 (eat-in), $30 – $50 (takeaways)

Dinner: $100 – $200

Note: I didn’t include breakfast because it’s usually covered in your hotel stays or you can go to the grocery store the night before to buy some nice swiss breads and coffee to stock up for the next morning as well!

Tip: Usually you can find decent sandwiches and hot meals (e.g. chicken) in the Swiss grocery stores (e.g. Migros, Coop, Aldi etc)

I did talk a little more in-depth in this post!

Swiss Transport Museum -

#5 Play (Activities)

One of the most fun parts of your entire stay is to decide on the types of activities that you want to go for! 

I have included some curated and amazing activities in Switzerland for you here:

Exclusive Activities in Switzerland!

Click the links below to see more!

So How Much Does It Cost to Vacation in Switzerland?

Based on the 5 things we spoke about here, you can expect to spend at least around USD$3000 – USD$3500 for a comfortable, memorable 7-day stay in Switzerland at 3-star hotels (high season), 4-star hotels (low season).

Share Your Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed what’s been shared in this post.

Post 1 comment on your Switzerland travel ideas and thoughts to share with other travelers below!

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